Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Neil Smith Speaking on the Shoreham Line

Dr. Neil Smith, “geographer extraordinaire”, speaks about the current student strike in Barcelona.

Part 1

Part 2

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Playing Soccer by the Painted Sheds

CUPE members are seen playing soccer on the lines and Sentinel’s beautifully painted CUPE shed is shown in the background.

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Interview with the Fernando the Shed Builder

Fernando, a past member of CUPE 3903, gives a tour of one of the sheds he has been building on CUPE’s picket lines.

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Deb Cowan speaks at the Shoreham line

Deb Cowan, a geography professor at University of Toronto, speaks at the Shoreham line about the corporatization of Canadian universities.

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Famous Marxist Geographer Neil Smith Sings the “Socialist ABC” on Shoreham Picket line

This is definitely worth watching right through!

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Sentinel’s Generator

Sentinel picketers introduce the new power generator located at the Sentinel gate.

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Canadian Federation of Students Support – Thursday Dec 4th (Part 1/2)

Shelley Melanson, the chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario, visits the picket lines and expresses her support for CUPE 3903.

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York U – Where Did Our Love Go?

CUPE 3903 sings their latest hit to YorkU: “Where did our love go?”

Music and Inspiration from the Picket Lines

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Solidarity Rally – November 17

On November 17, 2008, hundreds of university students and workers from across southern Ontario rallied at Main Gate in support of striking CUPE 3903 members. “We know what happens on this campus will impact what happens on other campuses,” says one Ryerson student representative.  A York undergrad declares, “we’re going to keep coming to the lines, every day of this struggle, for as long as it takes!”

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CUPE FAQ – Why is CUPE striking in the midst of an economic downturn

A CUPE 3903 member responds to the question: “why is CUPE striking in the midst of an economic downturn?” She discusses the issue of job security for contract faculty and, in reference to graduate students, she states that “regardless of the economic times we still need to be educated”

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