Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Cribs Video – York Style

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Osgoode students supporting CUPE 3903

A second year Osgoode student describes some of the efforts Osgoode students have been making to express their opposition to the decision to reopen Osgoode classes on December 5, 2008.

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Michelle, Osgoode Law student on resumption of classes

Michelle, an Osgoode law student, describes some of the Osgoode student opposition to the re-opening of Osgoode classes on December 5, 2008. She states that “there are Osgoode students who feel strongly for various reasons that we shouldn’t be crossing the picket lines….we are not some tiny fringe of Osgoode society that is being difficult. We are reasonable students, we are committed students, we are good students that are just really concerned that we are being put in an uncomfortable position and an unfair position.”

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Solidarity Rally – November 17

On November 17, 2008, hundreds of university students and workers from across southern Ontario rallied at Main Gate in support of striking CUPE 3903 members. “We know what happens on this campus will impact what happens on other campuses,” says one Ryerson student representative.  A York undergrad declares, “we’re going to keep coming to the lines, every day of this struggle, for as long as it takes!”

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Radical York Undergrad Addresses Message of Support for CUPE 3903 to Capitalist Ruling Class

An undergraduate student sends a message of solidarity to CUPE 3903. He comments on the limited funding packages available for York graduate students, arguing that no one could live on what York offers. Addressing who he calls the “capitalists” of York University, he states at the end of the video, “you are not a business, you are a school!! Education is our right, we will not give up the fight!”

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Interview with Undergrad that Supports CUPE Strike

This student was just walking by the picket lines and stopped to express her support. She suggests that it is important for undergraduate students to be critical of the information provided by Excalibar and the YorkU website regarding the strike. She also speaks to the need for more undergrads to show their support of CUPE 3903.

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