Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Interview with Brad at the Novote-l

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Why Vote Yes?

Film by M.Y.

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York Stops Bargaining – Issues Forced Ratification

Members from the executive and bargaining team, as well as a few CUPE staff, speak about the Forced Ratification Vote that was called by York University on January 9, 2009. All express the importance of VOTING NO at the forced rat vote on January 19.

Tyler, a member of the executive states: “We all came together yesterday, over 500 members, and over 90 percent of us said this deal is totally inadequate, and yet here we are having to go back and vote on it… We are now into the 10th week of a strike, and until this last week, York met with us a total of 4 or 5 days, in 10 weeks! We were finally start to see some progress, as soon as it came to the point where we are getting close to signing off on things, York walks away from the table. It shows a lack of good will on the part of the university to really address the important issues that we are talking about!”

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