Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Interview with the Fernando the Shed Builder

Fernando, a past member of CUPE 3903, gives a tour of one of the sheds he has been building on CUPE’s picket lines.

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York U Staff Union Supports CUPE 3903

A York University Staff Association Union member speaks in support of CUPE 3903. She describes York University’s treatment of YUSA during negotiations in the summer of 2008. Jim, the former president of YUSA, is introduced and relays a message of support to CUPE 3903.

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Interview with Terry about CUPE struggles at York in the 80s and Unit 2 Issues

Terry, a Unit 2 member since 1984, discusses some of the bargaining demands for Unit 2. He explains Special Renewable Contracts (SRC) and how they could work at York University. Terry describes the history of CUPE 3903, reflecting on the previous three strikes that have occurred since the 1980’s.

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Radical York Undergrad Addresses Message of Support for CUPE 3903 to Capitalist Ruling Class

An undergraduate student sends a message of solidarity to CUPE 3903. He comments on the limited funding packages available for York graduate students, arguing that no one could live on what York offers. Addressing who he calls the “capitalists” of York University, he states at the end of the video, “you are not a business, you are a school!! Education is our right, we will not give up the fight!”

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High Quality Version of John Cartwright Speech

We have posted a higher quality version of John Cartwright, the President of the Toronto and York Labour Council speaking on our picket lines.

John Cartwright, the president of the Toronto and York Region Labour Council which represents 195,000 members, speaks to a rally of CUPE 3903 members. He discusses CUPE 3903’s strike in relation to the global context of labour relations. He situates CUPE 3903’s struggle for increased job security and wages within the global struggle for worker rights.

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CUPE 3903 Members Explain Job Cuts

These videos were made a year ago as our union mobilized around the university cutting jobs. The university has massively expanded its grad programs to grab more tuition dollars from us without providing the financial support needed for these extra grads. Instead the employer is forcing out older CUPE workers in Unit 2 and replacing them with these new grads. Today we’re out on picket lines fighting for both job security and better funding for all students.

Govind on Job Cuts

Nadia on how job cuts are already happening

Anna on Master’s students.

Enda speaks on losing his job

Michelle on how job cuts affect her

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