Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Undergrad takes video of Car Charging Lines

Hi guys

This video was taken the first day of picketing. I’m a third year social work student and decided to go out to the picket lines to show some support. To be honest, I was pretty shocked to see that this was the kind of response you guys were getting out there. May I just say that I am in support of CUPE. The reason for this essentially lays in the fact that I am far too convinced that York University as an institution can afford to give their staff job security, benefits, and better wages. I find it interesting that students are not standing up and demanding where their money is going, because the answer is to those at the top of the administration whom none of which we may ever encounter during our undergraduate career. If the economic recession was truly the reason your demands are being considered “unreasonable” then surely our tuition money wouldn’t have went to the 15% raise last year that involved York’s administrative staff; or rather, the big dogs at the top of the chain who were already making well over 100 grand a year. I want my tuition money to go to those at the forefronts of my education; the people grading my papers, leading tutorials, offering extra help, and overall creating my education experience. Support CUPE!!


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