Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Canadian Federation of Students Support – Thursday Dec 4th (Part 1/2)

Shelley Melanson, the chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students Ontario, visits the picket lines and expresses her support for CUPE 3903.

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York U – Where Did Our Love Go?

CUPE 3903 sings their latest hit to YorkU: “Where did our love go?”

Music and Inspiration from the Picket Lines

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Solidarity Rally – November 17

On November 17, 2008, hundreds of university students and workers from across southern Ontario rallied at Main Gate in support of striking CUPE 3903 members. “We know what happens on this campus will impact what happens on other campuses,” says one Ryerson student representative.  A York undergrad declares, “we’re going to keep coming to the lines, every day of this struggle, for as long as it takes!”

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Solidarity Rally

This video captures a few of the messages of solidarity voiced at the November 12th rally. Among those who spoke at the rally were representatives from: CUPE Ontario, Toronto Area CUPE Council, Toronto York Regional Labour Council, Ontario Federation of Labour, Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Canadian Auto Workers, and CUPE National.

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November 12 Solidarity Rally

This video captures some of the words of support from CUPE Ontario and CUPE National that were spoken at the November 12 Solidarity Rally. A York University press release from 1997 is also read. This press release outlines the reasons why the university previously deemed binding arbitration to be both problematic and inappropriate for labour negotiations within the university sector.

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Former BT Member Reflects on Day 9 — Main Gate

A former bargaining team member from 2005 responds to the question: “what will it take for the employer to get serious and end this strike?”. She states that York University has traditionally not responded to lowering demands, but rather to strike action. She argues that this employer will only get serious at the bargaining table when they are convinced of CUPE’s strength and resiliency.

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CUPE FAQ: Why are CUPE members asking for higher wages?

Members of CUPE 3903 answer the question: “If CUPE members are some of the best paid TAs and GAs in the country, why do you need higher wages?” Some of the answers given include: our work far exceeds the 10 hours a week that we are paid for, we are called part time workers but we are full time students in need of funds to support us, and we pay for tuition even in the summer months when we are not taking classes.

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Sikh activist network delivers delicious food to all picket lines

The Sihk Activist Network delivers tea and samosas to the picket lines. Members of this group express their support of CUPE 3903 and discuss their activist organization and the grassroots projects that their group is involved in.

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York U Staff Union Supports CUPE 3903

A York University Staff Association Union member speaks in support of CUPE 3903. She describes York University’s treatment of YUSA during negotiations in the summer of 2008. Jim, the former president of YUSA, is introduced and relays a message of support to CUPE 3903.

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Picturesque View of Main Gate Picket with Autumn Leaves Blowing

Leaves and Pickets on November 10.

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