Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Letters from the Lines – Micki

In this video, a letter is read from Micki, a member who was part of the strike in 2000-2001. Micki shares some words of wisdom gained through her time on the picket lines. Some of her suggestions include: wear lots of layers, wear plastic bags inside your boots, wear something old and beat up as your top layer, don’t hang around the metal barrel too long, spend at most an hour at a time pamphleting cars, and don’t worry about not doing academic work during the strike. She concludes her letter by sending her support and solidarity to the members of CUPE 3903.

Footage provided by Tom.  We love you, Tom!

Send me your correspondance from the picket lines!


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Cuba Gooding Senior Supports the CUPE 3903 Strike

This is actually a rather random video file put together by a york biology student opposed to the strike, but at 1:42 in this video the student stops a car at the picket line at random, and it turns out that Cuba Gooding Jr.’s father is in the passenger seat, and that he totally supports the strike!  The sound on the rest of the video isn’t terribly great, and the maker of the film is so misinformed that he states that we’re holding cars at the gate for two hours each, but the interview with Gooding Sr. is worth watching.

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CUPE 3903 Members Explain Job Cuts

These videos were made a year ago as our union mobilized around the university cutting jobs. The university has massively expanded its grad programs to grab more tuition dollars from us without providing the financial support needed for these extra grads. Instead the employer is forcing out older CUPE workers in Unit 2 and replacing them with these new grads. Today we’re out on picket lines fighting for both job security and better funding for all students.

Govind on Job Cuts

Nadia on how job cuts are already happening

Anna on Master’s students.

Enda speaks on losing his job

Michelle on how job cuts affect her

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