Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

York Walks Out Again – Jan. 09 2009

This clip demonstrates just how “serious” the York Administration is at resolving this strike and renewing CUPE 3903’s collective agreement.

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York’s Inadequate Offer

Members discuss the inadequacies of York’s current offer.

One says that “there were a lot of things that were left totally unaddressed!” Another puts the very few positive elements of the offer in perspective: “Yes they have made some minor movement on things like funds…but all they have done is taken us back to levels where we lost money…even its most positive elements is just a restoration of some of the things that this union has lost over the last 10 years! So I think this membership should not be willing to accept this deal just because it looks a little less crappy than the last one. A less crappy deal is still a crappy deal!”

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