Cupe 3903 Strike Video

Live and direct from the front lines!

Interview with Terry about CUPE struggles at York in the 80s and Unit 2 Issues

Terry, a Unit 2 member since 1984, discusses some of the bargaining demands for Unit 2. He explains Special Renewable Contracts (SRC) and how they could work at York University. Terry describes the history of CUPE 3903, reflecting on the previous three strikes that have occurred since the 1980’s.


November 12, 2008 - Posted by | Backgrounder, Best of Selection, Day 6 Monday Nov 10, Member Interview, Shoreham, Unit 2

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  1. Thanks Terry for this incredibly insightful and informed backgrounder of institutional change and gov’t funding at York U. Building undergraduate enrollments on the backs of the poorest paid educators with the least job security is a strategy used at most Canadian universities.

    We cannot trust University administrations to make decisions that best protect the quality of undergraduate education at a time when program decisions are based on provincial “funding formulas,” the size of the tenured faculty complement is decreasing relative to enrollment, “excellence” is used to describe programs with mushrooming class sizes with decreased resources, and the “quality” of university programs is “marketed” and “communicated” with vacuous glossy brochures, logos and slogans.

    All the best to CUPE 3903 in its efforts to give the administration concrete reasons to act in the interest of public education.

    Comment by John | November 12, 2008 | Reply

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